3 SEO Strategies That Google Rewards

Here are the top three SEO Strategies you should never miss out for your business

1. Mobile-friendliness

In 2020 the number of people browsing the internet through a mobile phone is much more than people browsing on a desktop, you won’t believe there are around 2.5 billion mobile users in the world and is estimated to reach 3 billion in a few years.

There is why mobile friendliness comes in action, google knows that there are billions of people using mobile phones to access the web and thus google keeps mobile-friendliness as a key factor to rank your website on search engines.

2. Content

There is no doubt that every website has content thus, aiming for good SEO Friendly Content is a must. Good and quality content means your content is relevant to your visitors. There is no doubt that publishing good quality content will push your website up slowly and steadily.

The best way to rank your website is by creating quality content regularly, by this you will also increase your brand value.

It is believed that around 70% of your visitors chose you after reading your website’s content

3. Backlinks

A backlink is nothing but a link from one website to another website.

Backlinks have been very important for google rankings. While Google goes through your site it checks each and every link coming to the source website, If your backlinks are of high quality you have all the chances to get rewarded by pushing up your web presence and search engine ranking.

To earn great value always prefer building high-quality backlinks, again high-quality backlinks are worth and create a great impact on your web presence.

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